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Frail Pages of a Frail Mind

a stitched lip fairy tale

14 February 1986
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absinthe, abstract, alice in chains, alice in wonderland, alone, american mcgee's alice, ana, androgyny, angels, animals, anorexia, anorexia nervosa, apoptygma berzerk, armed forces, army, army girlfriend, arts, assemblage 23, bdsm, beauty, being thin, being underwater, bella morte, bettie page, blood, body modification, bondage, bones, burning calories, candlelight, caretaking, cats, changing, coffee, combat, control, cooking, corsets, creativity, cuddling, cutting, dance, dancers, dark, depression, diet, dieting, discipline, dreaming, dreams, echo, edward scissorhands, evolution, exercise, extreme dieting, eyes, fantasy, fasting, fetish, friendship, garbage, glitter, hate, hate food, healing, honesty, hurt, ideas, infantry, invader zim, johnny the homicidal maniac, julien-k, kissing, knives, love, low self esteem, magick, marquis de sade, mental disorders, military, military relationships, music, my soldier, native americans, night, nightmare before christmas, nine inch nails, obsession, obsessions, oceans, overweight, pain, painting, paranoia, perfection, photography, piano, piercings, poetry, psychic, psychology, rain, rainy days, razed in black, respect, restricting, rocky horror picture show, sadism, self image, self injury, serial killers, sharks, silver, singing, skinny, sleep, snow, soldier, stars, starvation, strong, sweetness, synthpop, tattoos, tears, the cure, the human mind, the moon, the ocean, theatre, therapy, thinking, thunder storms, tim burton, trance, trent reznor, true, truth, underweight, uniform, vampires, vnv nation, waif, water, weight loss, whispering, winter, writing, writing poetry, zendik