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Frail Pages of a Frail Mind
a stitched lip fairy tale
It's funny when one can find their self woven within the thin lines of a character created in someone elses imagination. My latest obssession has been the Hannibal Rising by Tom Harris.... no not the movie {although that was quite devine} but the book. The ease at wich he paints young Lector with.... Something so beautiful.

Anyway... recently I lost someone I considered a dear friend because I held the priority of keeping my job over taking a trip North. I think this is what has thrown me into the arms of Mr. Lector... It may be late spring but the nights are still......Cold.

I dunno... I just wish I could escape reality for good...Never return... I sometimes think those around me would be most happy with that. Anyway.... I haven't written here in a while because I haven't had much going on besides the usual work. I work pretty much all the time.... Who knows.... who knows....

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you know you are a military gf/fiance/wife, when...

you dont mind a phone call ever waking you in the middle of the night

the smallest email can make your entire week

you cry over an email that says nothing more than a hi or miss you

you tell EVERYONE when you hear from him

your sentances start containing more acronyms and numbers than words

you sleep in his PT attire

your favorite 'man' to see everyday is the mailman

you could wait forever and youve learned patience

you feel yourself growing more and more in love the longer he is gone

writing letters and sending packages is near as exciting as going out with the girls

you dont mind tripping over combat boots in the middle of the room

you hold off seeing certain movies so you can watch them with him when hes home

you roll your eyes when you hear someone else whine they havent seen their guy in a week

your mood can change at LIGHTNING speed

you are attached to the phone or computer

you start saying.. "wow thats a really nice box (to strangers), are you going to use that for anything?"

you can give the rates for all calling cards without hesitation

the sight of another man in uniform makes you miss your own MORE than it makes you drool

you love the confused look from civilians when you try to explain your hubbys MOS

your go by MOSUL time

you learn to LOVE phone kisses

you listen to his voicemails and re-read their poorly written letters over and over

we buy anything military/camo and we have a RIGHT to

save our good panties for when hes home

groom ourselves from tip to toe for their return but once you see them, none of that matters anymore...youre too happy just being with him

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Weis Market's has been taking donations for the Hurricane Relife and sending to them to the red cross. Over the past few days that we have been doing this, one would be suprised at how many heartless bastereds there are out ther in our world.

I hear so many "Thank God it's not me", and "Oh well they were stupid if they didn't leave anyway"
I swear each and every person that has said that to me I wanted to fucking beat to death.

One couple was just so horridly rude... It really burns me.

Yeah thank god or whoever you belive in that it's not us, but not giving 50cents or even a dollar to help out is fucking ridiculous. Hell you can even give blood. I'm sure they need it.

"Hospitals have no power. The death count rises every minute. This is not a third world country this is the United States. There are so many people out there who read this bulletin and think nothing of it, and brush it off like nothing has happened. All they think is that they are glad that it didn't happen to them. If you don't post this... You have no heart"


This man is dead:

This woman is also... dead::

Please pass this on if you care.

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